Yolanda Pacheco García is a native of Menlo Park, California. A graduate of College of Notre Dame, Yolanda, is a long standing bicultural, bilingual, Spanish immersion teacher in the Bay Area. The zeal and enthusiasm she has for her work has led her to share some of her teaching mastery with parents and other teachers.

Yolanda is the author of five books and other published works. Her writings and poetry have appeared in various journals and literary publications. She pursued these interests initially as a way of emphasizing culture and language to her bilingual children.

Her latest collection of poetry (for adults only) reveals her romantic side. Her passionate poetry, entitled Lost and Found: Love, a book of love poems, shows the volatility of relationships, and helps readers weather the inevitable relationship storms with her clever and joyful play with the language of love.

More than just a poetry book on romantic love, Lost & Found: Love also paints a picture of a love of life. Yolanda has managed to capture and transfer her zest for life through these poems which come from her life experiences and vivid imagination. She hasn’t always had an easy road to romantic bliss. Every person has hurdles in their life, and Yolanda has had more than most. Despite these obstacles, Yolanda always keeps love in her heart and exudes love and gentleness.

Career:  Bilingual Educator

  1. Credentialed Teacher

  2. Tutor

  3. Translator

  4. Writer

  5. Poet

Yolanda Pacheco García

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Lost & Found:  Love was dedicated to the author’s mother, the person who showed Yolanda with her life what love was all about.


Escrito par Yolanda P. García

  1. Madre, querida y siempre conmigo
    Aliviándome las cuitas con tu
    Dulzura y cariño
    Rayo de luz que alumbra mi camino
    Efígie de excelencia, eres especiál

  2. Madre querida!