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Ms. García’s luscious observations of love and relationships will tantalize your senses and invigorate your passion for romance.  Be prepared for a wild and exciting ride.”

  1. —Brian D. Bridges, Author of One Man’s Quest: Making Sense of Life

“Her poems are rich in imagery, full of emotion, and evoke a multitude of good feelings for anyone who has loved, or longs to be loved.  Direct and uncomplicated, these are simply delightful!”

  1. —Dr. Ron Davis, Professor, San Jose State University

“Yolanda’s poetry plucks one’s heartstrings uncovering love’s raw emotions.”

  1. —Joe Rura, Award winning New Jersey Journalist

“When I read Yolanda’s poetry, I am moved – sometimes to laughter, sometimes to a lump in my throat, sometimes to a new perspective, to think about a thing in a way I’ve never thought about it before.”

  1. —Jeff Case, Singer/Songwriter

“I found Yolanda’s poetry full of deep passion, blended perfectly with entertaining humor and heartfelt emotion.  She touches beautifully on all the various experiences of love.  Thank you, Yolanda!” 

  1. —Tyler Tollstrup, Chiropractor

Lost & Found:  Love

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Awakening Love

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